Both art and education are in a constant state of flux, facts that make both fields interesting and challenging to work in.  Like many involved in art education I try to walk the line that combines the two.  I want to develop educational materials and give lessons that share my enthusiasm for the cultural world, and at the same time maintain an artistic practice of my own that is meaningful and relevant to the world today.

A couple of extra dimensions to this work is the fact that I work within bilingual education in the Netherlands, where I teach in my first language, Engilish, in order to develop the aquisition of English as the pupils second language.  This particular branch of education makes me in part a language teacher.  It offers different challenges, but undoubtedly also extra opportunitiesin my teaching.

A second extra dimension in my work is an interest I have in the digital world and its place it can be given in my teaching.  I like to incorporate this interest into my lessons when I can and if I think back ten or even five years the changes are enormous.  But I feel that within mainstream education (certainly here in the Netherlands), we are sitting on the edge of a very significant change and in a sense an extra incentive to start this blog is maybe to document how I and others experience this.  Shortly, the school where I teach will be issuing a first wave of teachers with Ipads and the the incoming first years will be required to bring one of their own and we will begin a significant new digital step.  I’m only too aware that many have made a similar step already, I hope to learn from them, but for me and my school, it is a new digital beginning.

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