Opening the treasure chest, or Pandora’s box….

It depends on your point of view, the increasing tempo of digitalization in education can result in the feeling of either. Sitting in my first training session for the introduction of iPads to our first year classes next year it was probale that we had both extremes. Most though probably feel somewhere in the middle ground.
Everyone has had their shiny new iPad for a week or so and have been experimenting away. As far as apps go I´ve been mostly looking for the most applicable drawing software that offers creative possibilities without giving pupils so many options in their digital drawing box that they will undoubtedly grind to a halt.

I’ve also been finding my way around, getting used to the Apple way of doing things after fifteen years of doing things the Microsoft way. I can only compare that to having to learn how to drive on the right hand side of the road after being used to the left, it’s all kind of the same, but different….fortunately any mistakes are likely to have less serious consequences!
Perhaps the most important thing I take away from this first session is the feeling that, as a teacher who has always written all my own lesson material, this is really going to be a fantastic development, allowing the digital resources that are out there to link through into my own material. Limitless new possibilities? Perhaps, …..but that is in the frantic and pressed for time educational world also the biggest danger.


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