TTO Arts subject meeting in Utrecht


Once a year I host a meeting of arts teachers who teach in Dutch bilingual education. This post is especially for those who attended the afternoon meeting on Wednesday 16 November. If you didn’t attend you are of course more than welcome to read on!

 It was such an enthusiastic and engaged afternoon, thanks to all those present for such active participation……it makes leading such an afternoon so much easier and enjoyable.

During the workshop I promised to post a few things on my blog so you have them as a reference. The links below should take you to the documents that you need:


If I am sent more of the clil lesson material that was made during the workshop I’ll add it to the above.

glossary_for_art_teachers (thanks Ron!)

Added to these documents, the four books that I had with me were:

  • The Lazy Teacher’s handbook by
  • Jumpstart Literacy by Pie Corbett
  • 100 Ideas for secondary teachers by Ross Morrison McGill
  • Clil Activities by Liz Dale and Rosie Tanner

 The discussion on Wednesday afternoon was very open, free and very useful. To continue that discussion do feel free to contribute to our online forum in the ‘tto art’ group on Facebook. It is a closed group, but send me a request and I’ll open the digital door!

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