Studio day

Sometimes I find myself battling with an idea for an extended period of time, searching for that visual solution fits the various components that I want to include.  It can go on for weeks or months without anything significant coming out of it all.  That was kind of the state of things towards the end of last year, but then suddenly things started to change and develop and suddenly the possibilities seem endless.  Technically it is not quite a return to the Renaissance ‘tondo’ painting, but a ring painting is as close as I have even been.

It is at moments like this I feel I could do with an assistent to make my rather time consuming round canvases. But without such help it is simply a question of getting on as best as is possible.






5 thoughts on “Studio day

  1. And now the question: how do you make those canvases? The form gives interesting dimensions for interpretation also.

    • To describe them as canvases is a little misleading. They don’t have a conventional frame on the back. They are wooden rings that I cut out of mdf (is there a Finnish abbreviation for medium density fibreboard?). I then stretch relatively thin canvas over them. It has to be thin to be able to use the stretch of the canvas on the inside of the ring to avoid folds and tucks! As for the spatial twists and the formal arrangements incombination with the various rings allows…. Well that is offering many possiblilities and considerable illusionism?

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