Remember this…the reverse perspective?


I’ve had a lot of interest in my previous post about reverse perspective. I’ve promised a number of people that I’d try and post some more detailed instructions, so here they are:

Firstly a few basic facts about how I worked……

  • I was working with classes of twelve year olds (of higher than average academic ability)
  • All in all it took about three hour long lessons to complete


  • A4 paper, 120-160g drawing paper (it needs to be thick enough to hold its shape once folded, but at the same time not so thick that accurate folding of the paper becomes a problem)
  • Pencils, erasers, rulers
  • Coloured pencils… always, the better the quality, the better the colours and results!

reverse perspective diagram

Click on the link below to download this file as a .pdf that is suitable for printing

Reverse perspective diagram

I have included an A4 printout diagram here, I didn’t give my pupils anything that was printed out, I preferred to draw it all on the board at the front, step by step and explain as I went along.

The printable has all the lines that play a part in this assignment on it all at once, the PowerPoint that I have added shows a step by step series of photographs of the order that I carried out the various steps. Click on the link below for the PowerPoint.

Reverse perspective

I’ll be interested to hear how you get on if you give it a try.  Incidentally, the illusionistic effect works better with:

  • Strong colours in the drawing work
  • When multiple ‘rooms’ are lined up together

Good luck!


7 thoughts on “Remember this…the reverse perspective?

  1. Dear Peter

    I’m art teacher in a school cluster in Barreiro, Portugal

    I find your blog two years ago when I’m looking for something art tasks in CLIL methodology

    Since than I follow your work and I think it is fantastic, amazing!:

    This school year I attend classes of 9th grade (13-14 years old) in the subject that we called «Visual Education» its a little bit of everything about art and drawing 😊but its only 2 periods of 50′ (consecutive) per week. Its few for what we can explore in this subject!!

    So, in my classes of 9th grade, I need to explore the perspective and I’m thinking «what can I do different and make the students think about it?»

    And this Reverse Perspective is striking. I will try explore with them soon! After I will send you what we can be able to do – if can be so maravillous like your work 😊

    Thank you very much for your sharing. Its very very good!

    Best wishes

    Rosário Santos

    De: Peter Sansom
    Enviado: 25 de janeiro de 2019 09:54:10
    Para: Rosario Santos
    Assunto: [New post] Remember this…the reverse perspective?

    petersansom posted: ” I’ve had a lot of interest in my previous post about reverse perspective. I’ve promised a number of people that I’d try and post some more detailed instructions, so here they are: “

    • Thanks for such a positive response Rosario, it is always so nice to get a bit of direct feedback! Yes, I’d love to see anything that you make using the reverse perspective idea. Feel free to use any of the ideas on the blog. Have you also looked on my other site It covers more things (including my own work)….if you click on ‘school resources’ on the home page you’ll find more art education related material. Good luck….Peter

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  3. Greetings,
    I am new to the world of teaching art. Last year I explored one and two point perspective with my students. This year I plan to use the instruction that you provided to teach my students reverse perspective. Needless to say, this summer I practiced and prepared a visual example for them. I have photos but do not know how i can upload for you to see and comment on them.

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