Studio progress during lockdown

During 2020 in the Netherlands we had the lock down months, the return to a summer of reasonable (but stay at home) normality and then back into lock down again.  I have been in an out of my studio quite a bit. Not for long periods of activity, it was mostly a quite fragmented working process as any number of other commitments seemed to continually get in the way. 

Maybe it is this broken up character of a working process that have been to blame, but I do feel that 2020 has been in terms of my own practical work a period of a few interesting discoveries, but also a number of dead ends.  I know that exploring dead ends is all part of the creative process, but these are generally parts that don’t actually leave you feeling that content or satisfied in what you are doing.

However, as we near the end of 2020, at last I feel these cul de sacs are starting to pay me back in the paintings I’m making.  These steps have been supported by quite a bit of drawing and printmaking to find the way to where I am now. Finally there are a variety of possibilities to be explored, a view I haven’t had for a while as I have struggled through a number of creative processes that can best be described as interesting failures.  And so the twisted, folded and manipulated nature as it is seen in the newest versions of the circular tree paintings can continue.

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