Art Education

Art education is broad, very broad.  But that’s the beauty of it.  I teach classes from 12-16 year olds. Much of this is the practical artroom activity, the painting, the drawing but with a reasonable dose of art and cultural history.  Add to this some digitaliztion and pupils working with iPads. And finally, for added complexity my role as a language teacher due to the fact that my lessons are taught in English to classes of Dutch children and you will start to get the picture of what I mean by broad.

The classes I teach to 15-16 year olds go a step further into art and cultural reflection and take in still broader perpectives, film, theatre, visual art, applied art, dance, music, etc.  Its a specifically Dutch subject, requiring pupils to not so much produce art forms of their own, but to reflect on and think about those of others.  It is a fantastic subject area to teach offering the chance to show how any number of cultural practioners work and how their work has a place and relevance in the world around us.

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