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Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)


Many visitors to my blog are specifically here for the CLIL content. For those unfamiliar with the term, it is an approach to education where the learning of regular lesson content is combined with learning a language.  To make this material easier to find I have added this addition page where links to the posts I make on the main page will be placed.  You can of course also use the ‘tag cloud’ on the right.

I work in an area Dutch education where schools have a bilingual stream, where Dutch children are taught in a second language (normally English).  As an art teacher that means my art lesson with the 12-16 year old children that I teach are in English. However, CLIL didactics go further, the lesson material itself and my approach to teaching is more language orientated in order to challenge the pupils creatively but also in terms of developing their grasp of the English language.

“Just why does English have so many collective nouns?” – revisiting a collective noun drawing assignment

Edward Hopper, stories and content and language integrated learning

Why didn’t I think of this earlier? – The graphic novel, language and creativity combined

A treasure hunt, art history and language (CLIL assignment)

Art lessons, homophones and Ukrainian homophones

More playing and language integrated learning (PLIL/CLIL)

An unfinished CLIL plan, or is it PLIL? With thanks to Bruce Springsteen

A classic poem in a CLIL context in the art room – Jabberwocky

Cooperative and collaborative learning – lessons from the artroom (not specifically a clil post, but one about stimulating communication in the classroom)

Story telling, illustration and digital books, language and creativity in the art room

Art, language and typefaces (a design project with a CLIL extension)

A return to the lost consonant

An app as a serious story-telling device

Fine tuning and improving

Advertising slogans…clil and creativity

Surreal sculpture and the challenge of being creative with language

Photography, language and communication (a clil assignment)

An image and language project completed (CLIL activity)

Why do I have the feeling that not everyone in the English department is going to approve of this art inspired (clil) writing assignment?

Digitalization – finding the right fit 

Stating the obvious – language as a tool of communication

A rebus design assignment

Text interventions

Playing with language

Contentious Quotations

Lost consonants lesson

One letter switch

Language and colour

Language and creativity

Language and creativity 2

Language and creativity 3

The contemporary world in an art lesson

Learning through not understanding

Collective nouns


Word smuggling

Word smuggling 2

I continue to develop new CLIL lesson material. Some ideas are purely my own work, others are variations on ideas that I have come across in other places. I would encourage anyone making use of the material above to not see them as ready made lesson plans, but ideas that should be developed and made to fit your own lesson situation.