Exhibition visits

I regularly visit museums and art galleries and often find it useful to write a short reflection about what I have seen.  This page documents a number of these visits.

Women with attitude – Jan Veth at the Dordrechts museum

Vermeer in the Rijksmuseum

Anni and Josef Albers – Kunstmuseum The Hague

Contrasts in art – Labour of Love, By Wim Delvoye

JR, street artist, in Groningen museum

Caroline Walker – Windows – KM21, The Hague

The Nightwatch extended and Ellsworth Kelly at the Rijksmuseum

Bob Bonies – Finally, back to an unlocked-down Museum

….five months later, a cultural recharge, and one work that kind of stood out

Bernini and Caravaggio

Fashion, Digitalization and geometry  (Iris van Herpen)

What goes around comes around. (Rob van Koningsbruggen)

Sprezzatura – Italian painting 1860-1910

Absence, presence and Johannes Vermeer

Geometry, grids, rows and long walks – De Pont, Tilburg

All the Rembrandts

Goodbye to an old friend…..at least for the time being

The frustrations of an art teacher…seeing it for real

Magical Miniatures

Are we all romantics at heart?

The American Dream – Drentsmuseum, Assen

Bouncing off the work of others – Tim Walker and Loving Vincent in the Noordbrabantsmuseum

Gregory Crewdson: Cathedral of the Pines

Jasper Johns at the Royal Academy, London

A tale of two sketchbooks continued…..

Mondrian and his edges

5 May – Liberation day and an exhibition

Reality, what was that again?

The Kröller-Müller museum

La Piscine, Roubaix

Bonnefantenmuseum, Maastricht

Alma-Tadema, Leeuwarden

Alice Neel, The Hague

Ellsworth Kelly, Wassenaar

Hieronymus Bosch, Chris Berens, Oss

Kirchner, Laren

Munch and Van Gogh, Amsterdam

Matisse, Amsterdam

Rothko, The Hague

Jeff Wall, Amsterdam