Gen. Education

Many of my posts concern my work in secondary education in The Netherlands where I teach art related classes, in English, classes of Dutch children you have chosen to follow a bilingual form of education.

To make finding these general education posts I’ve list a number of them on this page. You can of course also use the ‘tag cloud’ on the right and see where that brings you.

Vacancies, vacancies and still more vacancies

World CLIL Conference, The Hague

A small (post) Covid mile stone last week

Cooperative and collaborative learning – lessons from the artroom

International educational opportunities in the time of Covid

“Do you think everyone will actually go for a walk?” – getting the landscape into the classroom

Sitting quietly at the back of the digital report card meeting

Hybrid lessons….three weeks in

H3P going where few classes dare to go

A mention for classes h3p and h3q

Art and language project – Merletcollege

Three weeks open again

Some things would just never work in an online lesson

First day back

Reflections on the 2020-21 school year

Back to school…how have things changed?

….is this the moment?

A month or perhaps two without proper school and let the panic begin

Five weeks into distant learning, the pros and the cons

Well it’s a daily rhythm of sorts

Finding humour in distant learning

The Image conference Brussels – has a conference ever fitted me better?

An app as a serious story-telling device

Word of the day….”lethargic”

Differentiation in the art room – are there things for other departments to learn?

Climbing at altitude with thirteen year olds and a teacher with altitude sickness….well sort of

Parallel Worlds

Winning an award….well, nearly

The things they didn’t mention during teacher training – No.2, sugar and its effect (or not) on children

Love and Mercy – choosing the right film in class

Surrealism, a sandwich and the start of the school year

Swept along on a wave of enthusiasm


A week is a long time in politics…what are the opportunists up to seven days later?

Brexit – an educational view from Europe

Classes with split personalities

Cooking as an educational metaphor

A motivation and reward discussion in class

Immigration as a subject in education

The Jean Paul Gaultier dress

The art teacher, Dirk and a very old computer game

Tonal drawing and a favourite non-Internet resource

“Design, design, did someone say design?” – what the art department did

Once in a while something special comes along…..