Gen. Education

Many of my posts concern my work in secondary education in The Netherlands where I teach art related classes, in English, classes of Dutch children you have chosen to follow a bilingual form of education.

To make finding these general education posts I’ve list a number of them on this page. You can of course also use the ‘tag cloud’ on the right and see where that brings you.

The Image conference Brussels – has a conference ever fitted me better?

An app as a serious story-telling device

Word of the day….”lethargic”

Differentiation in the art room – are there things for other departments to learn?

Climbing at altitude with thirteen year olds and a teacher with altitude sickness….well sort of

Parallel Worlds

Winning an award….well, nearly

The things they didn’t mention during teacher training – No.2, sugar and its effect (or not) on children

Love and Mercy – choosing the right film in class

Surrealism, a sandwich and the start of the school year

Swept along on a wave of enthusiasm


A week is a long time in politics…what are the opportunists up to seven days later?

Brexit – an educational view from Europe

Classes with split personalities

Cooking as an educational metaphor

A motivation and reward discussion in class

Immigration as a subject in education

The Jean Paul Gaultier dress

The art teacher, Dirk and a very old computer game

Tonal drawing and a favourite non-Internet resource

“Design, design, did someone say design?” – what the art department did

Once in a while something special comes along…..