The Pupils


Anyone who works in education knows that working with children and young people often enough throws up stories to tell: the good, the bad, the funny and the depressing.  Time to start collecting a few of mine.

A Chess set and a social experiment

“What did you do to the children?”

A flash back to my place in the classroom as a teenager – creating a safe learning environment

“Do you think everyone will actually go for a walk?” – getting the landscape into the classroom

An educational present

The return of an ex-pupil to my (now digital) classroom

Pupils and their accessories – the ‘coffee’ cup

Priceless moments in education – the Jean Paul Gaultier dress

The photos I couldn’t possibly post….

But she’s got no clothes on!

Climbing at altitude with thirteen year olds and a teacher with altitude sickness….well sort of

Cooking as an educational metaphor

The art teacher, Dirk and a very old computer game